Tenant Information

How to pay rent

Paying rent is extremely important, please make sure your rent payments are set up for the due date as stated in your tenancy agreement. If you are having difficulty paying your rent please contact the office ASAP on 01935 319006.

You can pay your rent by Standing Order or via BACs. The bank details you need to pay to can be requested from the office or your housing officer

How do I report a repair?

For general repairs during office hours:

Monday - Thursday between 9am and 5pm and Friday between 9am and 4:30pm: 01935 319006 or email office@homefirstplus.co.uk

All routine repairs that are reported will be addressed within 28 days.

If you have an Emergency repair and the office is closed please call the out-of-hours numebr 07817 877167 leave your name and a message and someone will get back to you. Please note if the call out is not an emergency or was caused intentionally or through negligence by yourself you will be cahrged for the call out.

Please be aware office calls may be recorded

Condensation mould

Hints to help you prevent condensation mould from moisture in your home;

1. Allow air circulation - Open trickle vents and leave your windows open slightly and allow space around and inside wardrobes and cupboards for air to circulate around.

2. Reduce moisture levels in your home - Keep kitchen and bathroom doors closed whilst in use and ensure windows are open. Ensure extractor fans are kept on at ALL TIMES. Dry washing outside whenever possible or in the bathroom if necessary DO NOT HANG THEM ON RADIATORS. If a tumble dryer is in use ensure it is properly ventilated or a condensing appliance is used. Wipe excess moisture than forms on windows off.

3. Keep heaters on constantly on a lower temperature - providing the most economical form of heat and reducing condensation build up.

4. Purchase moisture traps - poundland or similar sell them to reduce damp, mould and moisture in the air.

What if I don't manage moisture and condensation?

It will cause black mould on walls, windows, furniture, clothes and curtains. If you notice mould you should treat it straight away to prevent spreading and more damage. A Simple bleach solution or specialist products can be bought to clean and prevent further growth.