Empty Homes

So what exactly is an Empty Home? An Empty Home is usually categorised as a residential property, be it a flat, house or bungalow, that has been unoccupied for a period of 6 months or longer.

Empty Homes exist for a number of reasons and there are thousands across the UK. These properties may have been inherited and the recipient is unsure what to do with it, it may be a second home that no longer serve there original purpose or they may be in such a state of disrepair the owner does not have the cash, time, expertise or ability to complete the necessary works.

One fact in almost 100% of cases, regardless of the nature or history behind the empty property, is that the property is costing the owner money, be in through council tax or losing market value because of poor maintenance.

Did you know that local councils now have the powers to charge up to 300% council tax on properties classed as empty?

So, do you have an Empty Property in Somerset and need help?

HomeFirst Plus have an Empty Homes program that may be able to help you turn a problem into a valuable asset. We have been running the program for over 7 years now and manage over 100 properties across Somerset, with the majority of homes in Sedgemoor, South Somerset and West Somerset. Some properties needed very little work to get them to a habitable state, others were a shell, but all of them now provide a warm and safe family home for a person or family in need. All this whilst providing the owner a guaranteed monthly income, preventing council tax bills and ensuring they have an asset rather than an anchor.

No matter the condition of the property, or your personal reasons for needing help, HomeFirst Plus are happy to meet you and discuss your property to see how we can help

How does it work?

  • Call us and we will discuss your property and arrange to meet you there to fully explore all the options open to you and help make a positive step forward
  • We can plan and schedule all necessary works to bring the property back to the required standard, either fo sale or to use in our leasing scheme
  • We provide professional contractors to do the works at competitive prices and supervise the project from start to completion. Providing all necessary legal documentation required including gas safety certificates, Electrical certification, Local Authority Building Control documentation, Asbestos reports, and more.
  • We may be able to assist financially dependant on your circumstances and a range of options can be discussed confidentially to see if any are suitable for your personal circumstances. These may be in the form of grants, low-rate loans or "rent holidays"
  • When the property is complete and ready for tenants we sign a "sign-and-forget" lease with you to guarantee a monthly income without any stress or worry about having to manage the property and the tenants yourself
  • We then take on responsibility of organising, managing and financing all routine maintenance issues for the lease duration. You remain responsible for major and structural items but we help to provide professional knowledge and assistance if this ever occurs.
  • Once the lease is up and running our housing officer makes regular checks on the property and the tenants to ensure everything is as it should be. At this point you can sit back and watch our monthly rent come in without ever having to worry about your property.

Want to know more or have a property for us to look at?

If you have an empty property, for any reason, we would be interested in working with you to ring it back into residential use. Our experience and expertise are vast and we are more than happy to discuss all your options free of charge so you have all the information to make your own decision.

To arrange a visit or discuss your property Call us on 01935 319006.